Legiti is much more than an anti-fraud technology. We are a complete platform for fighting payment fraud and adaptable to your needs. We maximize revenue from legitimate purchases and minimize unnecessary friction for your customers. And we achieve these results for our customers based on past and present user behavior to assess the likelihood of an order being fraudulent. That's why we are your strategic partner for you to scale your business without headache.
We have more than 6,000 features that we consider in our model. Events like logins, profile updates or even unrelated purchases on the same account are examples of information that contribute to our evaluation of an order. The more data we receive, the better decision we can make, the better we can protect your platform against fraud, and the more assertive we can be in building and evolving the model for your specific business needs.
To make it easier, here is a general guide on how to integrate Legiti's REST API and Front-end SDKs into your product. In addition, there is also an overview of the Legiti onboarding process (from signing the contract to using Legiti in production). If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact the Legiti Solutions team. Count on us to boost the growth of your business.
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