Using the SDKs
The idea of the frontend collection SDKs is to augment Legiti's understanding with business events (collected via the backend endpoints) with behavioral and device information. This allows us to better assess the validity of any action that occurrs within your application, including things like password changes and new account creations, as well as the behavior leading up to and during the time of order placement.
Essentially, any time an event is sent to Legiti via the Collection endpoints, we expect a corresponding event from the frontend to enrich our understanding of an event with information that can only be collected from the frontend. For this to happen, you need to place a corresponding function call to our SDK within your frontend application/website package.
Furthermore, we monitor user behavior throughout the duration of their session to assess likelihood of fraud. This is mostly collected automatically, but there are some instances in which you may need to insert additional to your codebase to provide us with user session behavior.
Read on for further details on how to integrate with our collection SDKs:
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