Testing Your Integration
Integrating with Legiti is easy--simply instantiate our libraries or hit our REST API with valid authentication (make sure you are using your Sandbox API keys when testing), and, for the REST API, confirm that you receive a 200 OK response.
However, ensuring that your data is making its way into our database is not sufficient for validating an Legiti integration. We need to make sure that our understanding of state updates of primary entities (such as orders or users) remains accurate over time. This means that after the initial integration into your production code, we will need to periodically validate that our representation of orders, users, etc. corresponds to the true state of those entities (as represented in your database). This phase of validation is highly customer-specific and it will require coordinated effort from both your team and Legiti's Customer Solutions team.
Please make sure you are using your Sandbox API keys when you are testing your integration; otherwise, Legiti's models will interpret anything you send during testing as Production data and train our fraud detection models with it.
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